The benefits

Patients report improved function and relief from conditions such as headache, whiplash, neck and shoulder, muscle aches, low back and sciatic pain. Discomfort and stiffness relating to joints and bones, and a whole host of conditions all over the body can improve.

Because the organs depend on nerve impulses to function, digestive conditions, breathing and circulation can also benefit. Often a sense of clarity and energy becomes apparent following treatment as the whole system becomes integrated.


Reactions to treatment vary widely. Some people feel very relaxed or tired, a headache may occasionally happen. Others feel energised. There may be temporary aching or stiffness in new places. The area where the problem has been may change or move.

Whatever happens will be a response to the changes in aligning and correcting your system. A normal response is to feel some reactions in the process of change. Given a few hours or days the changes will stabilise. Another reaction can be that you simply feel relaxed, relief of pain, better!

Do I need many treatments?

Generally a number of treatments are necessary to gain the desired effect. This depends on a number of factors...

Most patients generally need two to six treatments, initially at weekly intervals, to show an improvement. Once the required change has taken place, regular check-ups are recommended to keep your spine and other joints functioning well.

Prevention is better than cure. Look after yourself, avoid heavy lifting, gardening, carrying shopping, sporting activities, for several days. It is helpful to observe and be aware of your posture, encouraging balance.

Judith Magnay

Judith Magnay

My work is a constant inspiration, showing how despite the disruption of physical knocks or emotional stresses sometimes leading to ill-health, we can heal. With this gentle 'hands on' non-invasive encouragement the body's own self-healing capabilities can re-awaken to promote good health.

I trained and qualified as a McTimoney Chiropractor in 1986 and subsequently studied CranioSacral work. By combining these two gentle skills I chose to cease being a Registered Chiropractor in 2003 and thus gained more freedom to treat people appropriately for their particular needs.

Contact me

Judith Magnay, 8 Grenfell Road, Hereford HR1 2QR.
t: 01432 269459

Do contact me if you’d like more information and advice.

I work from home at the above address which is close to central Hereford, off the Ledbury Road, a short distance from the fire station. There is on-street parking in the area.

If you need directions, please ask.

The human torso

How to find me

Here is a combination of proven techniques for relieving back pain, sciatica and similar back problems. In Hereford, a mile or so from the centre, you can experience Gentle Spinal Therapy. If the spine or pelvis becomes misaligned, which can happen in a normal lifestyle, the flow of energy through the spine can become restricted, leading to pain in the back, body and legs.

Gentle Spinal Therapy uses the skill of touch to detect and treat spinal misalignments, sometimes called 'slipped discs'. These cause pressure on nerves which gives pain in the back and other places. Clients often feel the changes happening and can sense the relief of back pain quickly. Once the spinal vertebra are aligned correctly there is a sense of well-being and the body is in the best position to heal deeply.

The 'adjustments' are light, precise and quick. In fact this lightness is part of the key to the success of the treatment. During the course of treatment many patients feel physical changes as the body re-aligns. CranioSacral-based techniques sense into the tissues and allow full potential to express as intended, enabling significant shifts of our systems to happen.

Relieve back pain, sciatica, frozen shoulder, and other spine pain with gentle spinal therapy



8 Grenfell Road, Hereford
t: 01432 269459




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